Tangled 2024

Reception pupils were treated to a delightful experience this week with a visit to the Senior School Theatre. Shell pupils presented a unique adaptation of “Tangled” drawing inspiration from the iconic Hoi An and infusing the theatre with the essence of Vietnam. As the young audience entered they navigated a sea of net and paper koi fish, settling amidst a theatre adorned with petals. The performance was carousel based and the performers acted around the pupils,  encouraging interaction and understanding.  Lanterns dangled from the ceiling, creating a visually engaging experience throughout the theatre.


The story started with an introduction to Mother Gothel, the King, and Queen and reception pupils were introduced to Pascal, in the form of two pupils who took on the role of narrating the story to help the audience understand and guide the younger pupils through the plot. The lovable rogue Flynn Rider and his gang of ruffians stole the royal crown and a scandal emerged. Managing to get away, Flynn runs into Rapunzel who he finds has an incredibly protective parent in the form of Mother Gothel. Rapunzel admits to watching the lanterns and wondering what they mean and why they always come out on her birthday.  Together they make a plan to find out what the lanterns mean and emerge on an adventure that sees them go to Doodle Noodle House and encounter a sea of characters but unbeknownst to them, Mother Gothel lurks around the corner. Despite her evil schemes, Flynn and Rapunzel emerge victorious and make their way to the King and Queen of Hoi An to be reunited. The production finished with the senior school choir and cast singing together. 


Following the performance, the shell pupils took reception by the hand and helped them investigate the props and scenes around the theatre. Reception pupils loved trying on the face masks, playing with parasols, and pretending to eat in the Doodle Noodle House. Afterwards, the curtains were drawn back, revealing a transformed stage where shell pupils led a workshop, assisting reception pupils in designing and crafting flowers to take with them.


Notably, shell pupils showcased not only exceptional performance skills but also displayed poise and professionalism while interacting with their younger counterparts. Reception pupils, in turn, demonstrated excellent behaviour, relishing the opportunity to play and learn alongside their older peers.

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