Spotlight On: Educational Theme Days

Part of what makes Marlborough College Malaysia such an extraordinary place for pupils is our innovative and engaging approach to teaching and learning. Our beaks are always looking for ways to bring a subject alive, making learning both memorable and enjoyable. A big part of this is the use of theme days which often involves pupils and staff immersing themselves in a subject for an entire day. So let’s explore more about how theme days benefit our learners.


Perhaps not surprisingly, our Pre-Prep School has a number of theme days throughout the year. Pupils are allowed to wear a costume and take part in special activities to help them further understand a subject. In fact, just this week, Reception pupils took part in Pirate Day. In the morning, pupils took on the challenge of building giant pirate ships, encouraging them to collaborate and use their problem solving skills. Next a treasure hunt involving reading clues to get to the right location required both literacy and deduction skills. By incorporating fun and engaging activities, these days promote creativity, social interaction, and a hands-on approach to learning. Have a look here at what else Pirate Day included. 


As pupils move up into the Prep School there are still plenty of opportunities to take part in theme days, however, they become more subject specific. The much anticipated, annual Science Week is a highlight for many Prep pupils and involves hands-on experiments and scientific displays. Last year, pupils enjoyed a Star Wars theme Science Week where they learnt about futuristic, technological science, as well as space and the universe. You can read more about what took place here.  These events bring topics to life and engage children in a new way, allowing learners to make deeper connections and increasing the chance that they will retain information. 


And while there may be fewer occasions for  fancy dress in the Senior School, theme days are still a big part of the curriculum. For example, pupils have the opportunity to take part in Model United Nations (MUN) Conferences. This involves taking on the role as a delegate for a country and attempting to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. Through these activities our students develop their leadership skills as well as practising public speaking and resolving conflict. All of which are important for university and the workplace.


So, theme days here at MCM are a crucial way for our pupils to develop important skills and engage with their subjects but they are also a lot of fun.

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