Spotlight On: Academic Excellence and Scholarships at MCM

The second half of the Lent Term has started with a flurry of activity here at the College with our Upper Sixth students deep into their mock exams and assessment days for the Senior School Scholarships underway. MCM has always prided itself on fostering academic excellence, encouraging pupils to follow their passions and step out of their comfort zone. The Scholarship Programme is just one way of recognising and supporting those individuals who are talented in a particular subject.


The application process starts in Year 8. Pupils who demonstrate a high level of ability in a particular area are encouraged to apply for an Academic, Art,  Drama, Music or Sport Scholarship. External candidates are also welcome to apply since Scholarships  are awarded to come in effect at the beginning of Shell. The whole selection process is designed to identify the most promising pupils who have something special to offer and Scholars are expected to attend after school clubs or lectures, take on extra responsibilities in their chosen subject area as well as to support and lead other pupils. In return, Scholars are given an enriching, demanding and varied set of opportunities to develop their skills as well as mentoring to help them to discover more about themselves and their abilities. 


Once a pupil has made the initial application and has the recommendation of their Head of School, there is a great deal of preparation necessary for the next stage which is the assessment day. For example, hopeful Art Scholars are required to produce a substantial portfolio of work while Drama and Music Scholars must prepare a short performance. The day itself combines a series of tasks and interviews, and is purposefully rigorous in order to help beaks select the very best candidates. Although challenging, the Scholarship Programme celebrates and nurtures the unique talents of MCM pupils, acknowledging their dedication to becoming experts in their respective fields.


But of course, it’s not just those applying for Scholarships who are encouraged to excel, all pupils at the College are given the opportunity to pursue their chosen passions, whether in their academic pursuits, or as part of the wider curriculum. There are competitions to enter, after school clubs and events to attend, music concerts, performances, sports matches, outreach opportunities; the list really is endless. Whatever talent a pupil possesses there is a way to explore and develop it and it’s this approach that makes MCM an extraordinary education for the pupils here. Learn more about the Scholarship Programme here.


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