Sixth Form Lecture Series | Who are you?

On the evening of Tuesday, 6th February, Wykeham Hall played host to the first Sixth Form Lecture Series delivered by Mr. Johannes Romer. The hall was filled with anticipation as students gathered for an evening that promised intellectual stimulation and inspiration. Mr. Johannes Romer, an MCM parent and Director of M2 MindMatters, took the floor to present the lecture ‘Who are you?’


The lecture, exclusively held for Sixth Form students, covered the complex subject of how we are perceived and how it might not always reflect our self-perception. For example, from the people we meet and associate ourselves with, to how we present ourselves on social media.


The lecture provided a valuable opportunity for students to gain insights into setting up their future selves and building an identity they are comfortable with that will  follow them in the future . As the evening concluded, Sixth Form students left Wykeham Hall with a renewed sense of inspiration and a broader perspective on how to form an idea of who they are.


Thank you to Mr Romer for coming and sharing his insights with the students. 


I thought it was interesting how Mr. Johannes brought to light the  permanence of what you post on social media and how it can define who you are and your future.

– Lower Sixth pupil

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