Senior School | LT2024 | Week 6

Dear Parents,  


I hope you all had a lovely half term with your children.  They seem to have come back well rested and ready to go – even the Upper Sixth have seemed more serene than usual through the stress of the Mock exams.


There are several reports below about events that have taken place either just before or just after the break.  I will use this newsletter throughout the year to keep you informed of activities, trips and other events that are happening around the College.  It is worth all parents bookmarking the news page of the website, as this is where you will see more detail and some photos of these items.  


Before the LNY, a delegation of 18 students from MCM participated in the FOBISIA Student Leadership Conference at POWIIS, Penang. The conference brought together over 300 young leaders from across Asia, focusing on driving positive change. Activities included the Race4Good challenge, where students tackled finding sustainable, innovative solutions for the Qaanaaq community, whose livelihoods are impacted by climate change. The agenda featured workshops, discussions, and community engagement. Notable speakers included Linda Cruse and Melati Wijsen. Students gained valuable leadership insights and skills, returning home inspired and motivated. Notably, some of our students excelled in the Race4Good challenge, showcasing their leadership abilities and problem-solving skills.


During the break a group of Shell pupils, led by Mr Ogilvie, travelled to the UK for the Marlborough College exchange.  We also welcomed the group from Wiltshire led by Mrs Hodgson.  We look forward to updates from our group and hope they are enjoying the weather (as I write this it’s 8 degrees and raining heavily).


On Wednesday this week we had the first Senior School assembly of the new term.  The main event was the pupils v beaks House Challenge, where the pupils outscored the beaks quite convincingly.  Well done to Jonatus, Alex, Zhi Xuan and team captain Louis and thank you to the beaks’ team for being such good sports, although judging by the music round they maybe need to brush up on their knowledge of Flo Rida.  We also heard from the pupil peer mentors, as representatives of this group talked about their role and what they can offer the pupil body.


Just a reminder to Upper Sixth parents that the Parent/Pupil/Beak meeting bookings are live now.  Please use the link in the letter you received this week to make your appointments.  This is a vital opportunity to receive feedback on your child’s progress and more importantly what they need to do between now and May to earn the best possible outcome.


On the subject of revision, please remember the clinic and extra lesson timetable is below for your reference.  These are very valuable learning opportunities for the pupils.

Yours sincerely,

David Glynn

Head of Senior School


Upper Sixth Mock orders publishedTuesday 5th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal
Upper Sixth Parent Pupil Beak MeetingWednesday 6th March6.00pmOnline
Shell IGCSE options forms dueMonday 11th March12.00pmPupils to complete google form
Remove orders publishedWednesday 20th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal
Remove Parent Pupil Beak MeetingMonday 25th March6.15pmOnline
Shell orders publishedThursday 28th March5.00pmOnline – Parent portal


Available for all IGCSE/IB and IB only
@ 1.20pm
Week A/BHistory (SA14)

Maths (BE22)

Economics and Business (SA2)

Global Politics (SA14)

Maths Week B (BE21)

Physics (ME9) 

Economics and Business (SA2)Maths (BE27)

Maths (BE27)

Chemistry for Hundred (ME8)

DT (MO12) 

Economics and Business (SA2)

Maths (BE28)

Economics and Business (SA2)

History (SA11) 

Physics (ME7) 

After SchoolWeek A/BArt 

Biology for Hundred (ME2)

Maths (Marlburian)

French (LRC8)

Maths (BE 11)

Biology (ME2)

Physics (ME3)

DT (MO12)

IB Chemistry (Marlburian)
*IGCSE Chemistry is on request please.



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