Senior Rugby Programme


Marlborough College Malaysia boasts a dynamic and robust Senior Rugby Programme that epitomises excellence, fostering a culture of skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship among its pupils. The programme is designed to provide a comprehensive and challenging training regimen, ensuring the holistic development of each player.

The heart of the Senior Rugby Programme lies in its three weekly training sessions, with two conducted during school hours and one additional session after school. These sessions are planned and led by experienced coaches who prioritise skill refinement, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning. The structured approach ensures that players receive well-rounded training to enhance their abilities and contribute effectively to the team.

To further fortify the athletes, the programme incorporates dedicated strength and conditioning sessions on Tuesday and Friday mornings before school utilising the College facilities of the Hammersley gym, athletics track, and swimming pool. These sessions focus on building strength, agility, and endurance while minimising the risk of injuries. The commitment to physical conditioning is a testament to Marlborough College Malaysia’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded athletes.
The Senior Rugby Programme also provides opportunities for pupils to test their skills in a competitive environment. Events such as the College’s own 7’s and 10’s Rugby Straits Tournaments showcase the talent and teamwork that’s been developed. Beyond MCM gates, the programme is used in prestigious competitions like the SCC 7’s and KL Tigers 10’s, matching Marlborough’s best against opponents in the regional rugby circuit. After events like these regular pool recovery sessions and match analysis meetings occur at the beginning of the following week.

Through a combination of rigorous training sessions, focused strength and conditioning programmes, and participation in high-stakes competitions, Marlborough College Malaysia’s Senior Rugby Programme creates an environment where athletes thrive and develop not only as rugby players but as individuals on and off the field.

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