Senior LNY Celebrations

Across the College this week, pupils, beaks and borders have come together to celebrate Lunar New Year. It’s been an opportunity to learn about both Chinese and Korean traditions that have become a vital part of the celebration. It has also been a chance to explore the rich history and heritage of the occasion.

The boarding community celebrated with a Prosperity Toss, known as “Yu Sheng” in Mandarin. The objective was to collectively toss a salad, elevating it higher with each toss, accompanied by wishes of good fortune for the year. This dish holds auspicious significance, prompting each house to participate with remarkable enthusiasm. Following the toss, members indulged in a banquet of Chinese cuisine and relished a spectacular fireworks display that ended the evening.

Senior pupils have engaged in the Lunar New Year House competition. Amidst the Senior Sports Hall, during lunchtime, pupils organised into their houses and fiercely competed for victory. The competition featured a spirited relay race involving passing gyoza to each other, using no hands and only the plate to pass it over to the next team member. It was a real showcase of each house’s ability to work as a team.

The Senior Assembly provided an opportunity for day pupils to join in the festivities, embracing the joy of dressing up and witnessing the captivating “Dragon Dance.” Following this, Senior girls showcased a special dance, drawing inspiration from the seasons and their respective contributions to the year. The audience was then treated to a live performance by a newly formed band, impressively presenting songs delivered in Chinese.

The assembly continued with a game show to review the Lunar New Year general knowledge. A standout moment was the Fashion show, which delved into the various eras and dynasties in Chinese history. This journey through influences and historical moments was enhanced by the models, who skillfully dazzled on stage, with a few familiar faces and beaks making noteworthy appearances.

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