Senior Food Drive & Camp Night 2024

In a bustling week of charitable activities, pupils at MCM showcased their dedication to Outreach by organising a Food & Clothing Drive and a Camp Night. The events aimed to raise awareness and provide resources in support of those less fortunate, highlighting the importance of community involvement and compassion among MCM pupils.


The week kicked off on Monday, 15th January, with the commencement of the Food & Clothing Drive. Pupils were encouraged to contribute to our school charities and Rainbow Care Centre, a new charity that the College has been working with to expand our reach to more people within the community who are living below the poverty line. The response from pupils across the College was nothing short of impressive, underscoring their generosity and commitment to outreach. Food donations poured in, ranging from canned goods and rice to vegetable oil and personal hygiene products. Clothing was brought in by the bag-load and additional gifts for new mothers piled up, an especially welcome part of our giving this year. These contributions will play a key role in benefitting the local community and those in need. 


Maintaining the spirit of Outreach throughout the fortnight, a Camp Night was organised for the final Friday night. The objective was to provide pupils with a glimpse into the challenges faced by those for whom safe shelter is not guaranteed. The experience aimed to shed light on the lack of shelter, limited access to electricity, and restricted opportunities that characterise the lives of those grappling with homelessness. During Camp Night, pupils braved the elements by sleeping outside on the College grounds – without tents – and took on the responsibility of cooking their own food over camp stoves. This immersive experience not only raised awareness among the pupil body but also allowed participants to gain an insight into the harsh realities faced by the homeless population. By simulating a night without the comforts of home, the event encouraged empathy and understanding among the pupils.


“The fact that so many pupils embraced the opportunity to gain more of an insight into what life would be like without the privileges they are accustomed to is a testament to their global-minded attitude and their desire to empathise with others. In Malaysia in particular, where the weather is quick to change and can drastically affect how safe it is to sleep on the streets, gaining this understanding is invaluable. And the College’s whole-hearted effort to contribute to the Food & Clothing Drive shows that this empathy can be found throughout the MCM family.” – Ms Ngakane (Head of Senior Outreach)


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