Prep School | LT2024 | Week 6

Dear Parents,

“Safety isn’t expensive – it’s priceless”


Many of you may be aware that I have spent much of this week in Seoul meeting potential new families. It was lovely talking to people who are interested in joining us at MCM. But let me tell you how cold it was there. We arrived amidst messages about extreme weather warnings – and then enjoyed the always magical sight of snow falling. Snow had settled by Thursday, but luckily all at Incheon airport had maintained clear runways. It was a very surreal experience landing in the warmth of Singapore just a few hours later.

However it did mean that I missed the annual excitement of the Pancake Races. I loved hearing all about it on my return, and I hope you all enjoyed the latest video shared on social media. Thanks to the Heads of Houses and all the staff for ensuring this fun filled event was another success. And now we have Hunt’s Dress Up or Dress Down day planned for next Friday. I am delighted that each of the Houses have chosen such different themes for their Charity Days. Seymour’s innovation awaits next term.

Safety isn’t expensive – it’s priceless

I am reusing my quote from the top of this letter as I have however got to move from the happier theme of celebration to a request that all families dropping off and picking up children do so both safely and courteously. Both of these times are busy and do not need the additional strain as people ignore our clearly explained procedures. I have spoken to various families over the last weeks and will have to continue to do so until we have a calmer experience at both key times of the day. Please remember that you are always welcome to park your car and walk to pick your child up – as long as that car is parked in the car park and not on our crossings or in someone’s driveway. Please do not use the Pre-Prep staff car park as increased traffic in this area poses a very real danger to children. If you are delayed parking, we will keep your children safe and happy, so please take the time to park in a designated space. 

I would also like to remind you that we have a very safe, efficient and supervised bus service available. Please contact Mia Kelly on to discover more about this College service. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our children safe during the day and at the busy times of drop off and pick up.

Friday 1st March 2024 – Hunt Charity Day (Mr Richard Lockyer, Head of Hunt)

This Friday will be Hunt’s Charity Day when children may come to school in their own clothes for 5RM..  All money will go to supporting the school Outreach charities. Children are encouraged to bring in their 5RM in advance.  Form tutors will collect this.

They may also bring additional money on the day (maximum 10RM) as they will have the chance to get temporary tattoos, coloured hair spray or face paint should they wish. Whilst these are all intended to be temporary there is a chance that they will not wash out/off immediately.  Parents, please discuss with your child/children if you do not want them to take part.  We look forward to having a wonderful Hunt Charity Day.

World Book Day – Thursday 7th March (Miss Lizzie Allott, Head of Prep English)

We will once again be celebrating World Book Day and we would like to encourage all pupils to dress as a book character. Prize for the best outfits will be available in the following categories: 

  • Best handmade costume
  • Best hero costume
  • Best villain costume
  • Best group costume

Pupils will also be asked to take part in a Reading Aloud competition during school time so please help them to select a favourite passage from a book to read aloud. The winners will read in our World Book Day assembly on Thursday 7th March. Happy Reading!

Year 7 & 8 Production – Disney Frozen (Mrs Nadene James, Head of Prep Drama)

The next MCM musical process has started and the drama department is  excited to announce that Disney’s Frozen will be what the year 7s & 8s will be working on. The performance will be early June and the students auditions started this Friday and will continue after school on Monday. If you have not returned the signed contract your child will not be able to take part in the process.

Once all the students that are interested sign up and roles assigned a rehearsal schedule will be sent out to the families so you are aware of the after school programme. Thank you in advance for your support and encouragement.

Sports Update (Miss Laura Prentice, Head of Prep PE and Games)

Water bottles and hats 

A gentle reminder that it is essential for pupils to have both a water bottle and a hat for games sessions. Wearing a hat protects pupils from sun exposure and staying hydrated is especially important during physical activity.



Our House Aquathlon competition is approaching, and all pupils from Y3 to Y8 will participate. Parents are welcome to come and spectate. Pupils will need to bring their swimming kit, house top, school swimming hat, goggles, trainers, PE kit, and, of course, plenty of energy to ensure a fantastic time. Here are the dates and times for each aquathlon:

29th of February: Y5 & Y6 Aquathlon from 8:30-10:00 am (venue: Senior Pool)

4th of March: Y4 Aquathlon from 2:40-4:00 pm (Venue: Senior Pool)

5th of March: Y7, Y8, and Shell from 8:30-10:00 am (Venue: Senior Pool)

6th of March: Y3 Aquathlon from 8:30- 10:00 am ( Venue: Pre Prep Pool)


Internal Gymnastics Competition 

In a spectacle of athleticism and artistry, our internal gymnastics competition on floor and vault unfolded with stunning displays of talent and dedication. Held at the Prep Sports Hall, the event brought together our most skilled gymnasts to showcase their abilities in two captivating disciplines.

The floor routines dazzled spectators as gymnasts seamlessly blended grace and power into their performances. Each gymnast brought their unique style to the floor, executing intricate skills with dynamic precision and flair. Meanwhile, the vault event was a showcase of explosive strength and precision. Gymnasts propelled themselves over the vault with lightning speed, executing flawless manoeuvres. The gymnastics competition was not just a showcase of athletic prowess, but a celebration of the dedication, passion, and camaraderie that defines our gymnastics program. Performances were not only technically proficient but also filled with emotion and artistry.

Congratulations to all the participants.

Message from Mrs Cassidy and the Pre-Prep team

It has been wonderful to return to school with such a fun and all-inclusive event as the House pancake races. Shrove Tuesday (‘Pancake Day’) marks the beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar, but is also a reminder for all of us about the importance of teamwork and grit. Every single pupil had a go and, my goodness, did they do us proud. Our assembly this week helped the children to understand the meaning behind this event, as many find it a bit of a mystery. Most of all, welcome back and Happy New Year. We are very excited about another wonderful half term.


May your Year of the Dragon be filled with an abundance of smiles and laughter”


We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the Friends Social Games event this evening – another wonderful chance for us all to get together, to enjoy making friends and of course for a gentle sense of competition.


Warm regards,

Rachel Eaton-Jones 

Head of Prep School


For all details of the weeks ahead please check the Almanac here on the College website.




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