Prep School LNY Celebrations

As the penultimate week before the College half-term break approached, Pre-Prep, Prep pupils and beaks immersed themselves in the vibrant festivities of the Lunar New Year. The celebrations ended on a high with a spectacular “Lunar New Year” assembly, a testament to the multicultural spirit within our institution.
The assembly was a dazzling showcase of both Chinese and Korean culture, featuring enchanting performances by Chinese choirs, ballet presentations, and captivating fan and dragon dances. Both Pre-Prep and Prep School pupils actively participated, donning their finest attire and costumes, creating a visually stunning display for the audience to witness.

Following the assembly, the excitement continued as both the Pre-Prep and Prep Schools joined forces with the Senior School for a thrilling Lion Dance. For many pupils, this marked their first encounter with such an event. The lion, with its “pet-like” mannerisms, and distribution of oranges added a touch of wonder to the celebration and had pupils up and out of their seats, eager to say hello to the lion.

The Lunar New Year festivities also extended to the Prep Art Cafe, which underwent a remarkable transformation into a “Chinese Culture Area.” Here, pupils had the opportunity to engage in various activities that brought them closer to the traditions of the Lunar New Year. From crafting Angpow (red-package) decorations to trying their hand at Chinese Jian Zi (shuttlecock), testing their luck with Mahjong, and participating in lantern-making and chopstick challenges, there was no shortage of engaging experiences.

The interactive nature of the celebrations allowed students to dress up in traditional HanFu clothing and walk the red carpet, capturing the rich traditions of the festivities. The Lunar New Year celebrations at MCM offered a blend of traditional performances, interactive activities, and cultural exploration.

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