Pirate Day 2024

Pupils in Reception embarked on a thrilling maritime journey this week as they transformed their classroom into a bustling pirate haven. Dressed in their finest pirate attire, the young buccaneers paraded around the Pre-Prep school, showcasing their fantastic costumes and setting the stage for a day full of pirate-themed activities.


The morning kicked off with an exciting venture into the Prep Sports Hall, where pupils crafted their very own giant pirate ships. Utilising gym equipment, they enthusiastically constructed vessels complete with masts and rigging. The highlight was the chance for the pupils to play on their finished masterpieces, and sailing into a world of make-believe. Following the shipbuilding, the pupils eagerly participated in a treasure hunt that led them through the Pre-Prep school, solving clues and puzzles to unveil the hidden treasure. Teamwork was key as they collaborated to decode the hints.


The aquatic adventures continued in the swimming pool, where pupils took part in a series of pirate-themed activities. From walking the plank to boat races and diving for submerged loot, the pool became a watery playground for these aspiring sailors. As the day continued, pupils turned their attention to crafting their own snack boats with apples and cheese. In particular, they enjoyed the jelly shark swimming in the sea below their edible ships.


Afterwards, pupils embarked on drawing and painting self-portraits, before moving on to an origami lesson, allowing the pupils to fashion paper boats to bring home. Pirate day was filled with laughter, learning, and seafaring fun. Ahoy, Mateys – a memorable day was had by all.

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