Pancake Day 2024

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the College held its annual pancake races in both the Prep and Senior Schools. Every year group takes part in order to gain victory and coveted House points. While the  event may seem a little unusual, its roots  trace  back to 1445, when legend has it that a busy housewife, engrossed in pancake making, only realised the time upon hearing the Church bells. She then ran to the service, flipping the pancakes on the way. Whether Folklore or not, this cherished tradition remains throughout England and it’s something MCM pupils look forward to in the Lent Term. 


The Pre-Prep Race began at the start of the day, and for many pupils this was the first pancake race they had ever seen, let alone competed in. They had great fun learning about pancake tossing before having a go themselves. Every pancake had been coloured in the corresponding House colours which helped pupils identify any fallen pancakes.


The Prep Race happened shortly after the Pre-Prep race and had every pupil running for their House. It was a lot of fun with more experienced pupils doing a number of tosses and pancake flips. 


The Senior Race, held  just before the half-term break, proved to be a  fantastic success. Court was lined with supportive pupils, passionately cheering for their houses.  Set in a relay race, pupils represent each House, each flipping the pancake four times, once at each corner. It was a tight competition for the boys’ houses but eventually Atlas went on to win. For the girls’ houses, Wallace was the winner. All in all it was a great lunch time filled with house spirit, laughter and teamwork across the houses. 


A huge congratulations to all competitors and Houses that took part in Pancake Day.

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