Friends of MCM | Lunar New Year festive celebration

On Thursday, 8th February 2024, the Friends of MCM came together for a vibrant Lunar New Year festive celebration. With the upcoming Year of the Chinese Wood Dragon and the Korean Blue Wood Dragon celebrated on the 10th of February, the event was a great opportunity for parents to immerse themselves in the rich traditions and cultural significance of this celebration.

The morning offered a delightful backdrop for parents to gather and celebrate amidst a plethora of engaging activities and festive delights. Among the highlights of the day were the delightful assortment of fortune cookies and pineapple tarts, served alongside traditional tea, adding a delicious touch to the festivities. Parents also had the chance to experience the art of Kimchi making, capture memories in traditional Korean attire at the photo booth, having personalised Chinese Calligraphy red banners designed for them, and were treated to a mesmerising performance by Arthur, Shell Student, on his Hulusi Chinese traditional flute. It was truly a day filled with joy, cultural appreciation, and community spirit.

On a more formal note, FoMCM also presented Mr. Harkins, the Estates Director, and Mrs. Harkins, Admissions Officer, with a farewell gift and acknowledged all of their hard work and support in helping out with Friends in a myriad of different ways over their 12 years at the College.

Justin Regan, Chair of FoMCM notes, “we are always pleased to hold events where we are able to share our diverse communities, cultures, and traditions. From the beauty of their varied decorations, foods and costumes to their music and celebrations to key festivities throughout the year. We wish everyone a joyous Lunar New Year.”

A special thank you must go to the Chinese and Korean members of FoMCM and parent volunteers for all their hard work in setting up this event. Their knowledge and time that they so generously spared were incredible.

As Marlborough College Malaysia bids farewell to the Year of the Rabbit, we extend heartfelt wishes to everyone for a Happy Lunar New Year. May the Year of the Dragon bring everyone good fortune, peace, and prosperity.

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