FOBISIA Leadership Conference 2024

Our delegation of 18 pupils proudly represented MCM at this year’s FOBISIA Student Leadership Conference, hosted at POWIIS, Penang. This immersive event gathered over 300 enthusiastic young leaders from schools across Asia, each committed to driving positive change in their communities and beyond. The conference showcased a diverse array of experiences, including the captivating Race4Good challenge and the opportunity to engage with accomplished Malaysian and regional leaders, many of whom were esteemed recipients of prestigious awards like the Obama Award, Queen’s Young Leader Award, and Your Big Year 2011.

The conference agenda was thoughtfully curated to provide a holistic leadership development experience. Participants immersed themselves in interactive workshops, and thought-provoking discussions, and even enjoyed moments of celebration at the Leaders’ Ball and talent show. Additionally, the conference embraced a spirit of community uplift, with participants engaging in meaningful activities across various locations in Penang.

Day one set the tone for the conference, as pupils were inspired by the humanitarian insights of Linda Cruse while tackling the Race4Good challenge, devising innovative solutions for an Arctic community (Qaanaaq) impacted by climate change. Day two featured enlightening talks from Melati Wijsen, a visionary leader known for her impactful work with YOUTHTOPIA, and pupils had the opportunity to translate their leadership skills into action through participation in a practical workshop on precious plastics.

The conference concluded on a high note as MCM pupils showcased their leadership skills during group presentations, earning recognition for their contributions to Race4Good initiatives. Despite the demanding schedule, the conference surpassed expectations, leaving pupils both physically exhausted and intellectually invigorated. They have returned home not only challenged but also deeply inspired by the collective spirit of leadership and change-making that permeated every aspect of the conference.

Pupils had the following to say:

Shunsei: It was a pleasure going to the leadership conference in Penang. For me, I learnt a lot about how to be a better communicator. This trip was a valuable experience for me to become the ideal leader a school and pupils want. I hope to participate and organise the project day for Year 8 next term.

Ayden:  I’ve learned a lot about new methods to study, work with others, and cultivate empathy for many people so that we can all understand each other much better, thanks to the conference trip to Penang. Along with the friends I made on this trip, it undoubtedly helped me make lots of new memories and taught me a lot of life skills that would help me with the future which I am thriving for.

Sissi: Through this conference, I had the privilege of encountering many outstanding leaders and changemakers. These role models, with their inspiring words, illuminated the key attributes of effective leadership: the capacity to foster team spirit, radiate positive energy, and acknowledge the strengths of team members. The sense of positivity that I felt around them has genuinely inspired me to make a similar impact on people around myself.  Additionally, participating in the Race4Good challenge provided a unique experience that cultivated my communication, problem-solving, and public speaking skills, which are crucial for being a good leader as well.

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