Year 8 Malaysian Cultural Village Experience

On 22nd  January, Year 8 immersed themselves in all things Malaysia as they took part in the Malaysian cultural village experience. This outing provided an excellent platform for pupils to delve into the richness of Malaysian culture and heritage in an enjoyable and interactive way.


The day commenced with a delightful feast, featuring roti canai and teh tarik. The highlight for many pupils was the hands-on experience of pouring their own ‘tea,’ albeit with water standing in for the traditional tea. Following a masterclass with the Chef, Year 8 emerged as true experts in the art of making roti canai, as each pupil had a go at the authentic dish before sitting down to feast on their creations alongside some teh tarik. 


With contented stomachs and beaming smiles, pupils progressed to the art of batik painting. They delved into the origins and manufacturing process, applying ink over a pre-existing pattern, utilising a vibrant palette of inks, the students crafted splendid batiks, which they proudly took home.


To conclude the day, the children participated in a traditional Malaysian dance class. Approaching the stage with enthusiasm, they embraced the opportunity to try out some dance moves, showcasing energetic footwork and lively smiles. The trip proved to be a source of much enjoyment for all involved, as pupils not only had fun and enjoyed the activities but also broadened their understanding of Malaysian culture using all five senses.

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