Year 13 Literature and Performance

On Wednesday 17th January, the theatre buzzed with life as Year 13 delivered a remarkable performance. As an integral component of the Literature and Performance IB course, students crafted an engaging presentation inspired by Haruki Murakami’s “The Elephant Vanishes.” This literary work comprises seventeen short stories seamlessly blending normality with surrealism, exploring profound themes of loss, confusion, and loneliness.


This year’s focus centred on two short stories, namely Sleep and TV People. In the rendition of TV People, the narrative revolves around a protagonist unravelling mysterious and eerie events within his apartment complex. The discovery of the enigmatic TV People, a family who seem to live exclusively through their television sets, leads to a surreal and unsettling exploration. The students dedicated themselves to asking questions about existence and challenging the boundaries between reality and imagination.


In the rendition of Sleep, the main character grapples with insomnia for seventeen days, hiding her condition from her family. Her nights unfold in a montage of self-indulgence, brandy sipping, novel reading and nocturnal city drives. A pivotal night unfolds and sees the character head to a deserted car park, where danger awaits. Students performing in the production delve into themes of intimacy, communication and the many aspects of human behaviour. 


The students showcased their creative talents, committing themselves wholeheartedly to this production. After a stellar performance of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” last term, their dedication to “The Elephant Vanishes” is commendable. Congratulations to all who participated.

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