Visiting Artist | Prep School

At the end of last term Prep Pupils were joined by visiting artist Mr Dayan Pitty in the Art class. Together they looked at the genre of Pop Art and its influences around the world. Together they were tasked with drawing a character or drawing that they thought best represented MCM. Taking inspiration from British Culture and Malay Culture they created drawings that linked the two together. Afterwards, they used their drawings to create a huge mural in the pop art style they had learned about. Using a range of different media and lots of colours the final result was a mural that Year 7 felt best represented MCM. Affectionately called ‘Mr D’ by pupils, Mr Pitty used his knowledge to bring the topic to life and let them experience it hands-on. 


Here is what one of the pupils had to say: 

“Mr. D worked with the whole of Year 7 to create this mural. This is my design; a monkey playing with bagpipes. We fused the Malay and British cultures to create and design this hero image. Using different cultures, animals and foods we were able to create a mural with Mr. D that was fun but also showcased how diverse we are. Working with a visiting artist has helped us collaborate, create and explore the genre of Pop Art. Overall it was a great experience and very fun to create” – Finn Year 7.  


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