Spotlight On: The Beagle Hash

Last Friday saw another Beagle Hash take place as participants ran a very soggy race around the College ground and nearby plantation.  But how did this MCM tradition start? And where did it get its name? In this week’s Spotlight we take a closer look at this well loved College event.

What is the Beagle Hash?

The Beagle Hash is similar to a cross country run where participants have to follow a path marked out with special tags. As runners make their way through the local plantation, they race through the undergrowth tackling a whole host of small-scale obstacles to reach the finish line. The course is different each time and part of the fun is making sure that you are travelling in the right direction and of course getting covered in mud in the process. In the past, the Beagle Hash has been an event for our boarding community but it was opened up to day pupils and those in Years 7 and 8 in 2022 for the 10th anniversary of MCM. There is one Beagle Hash each term and it is well attended by both pupils and staff.

What happens on the day? 

Traditionally, a group of  boarders is selected to map out the route. They place tags along the route for the participants and use shredded paper for checkpoints and false trails. The first runners to reach the checkpoint search for the correct route and then throw the shredded paper onto the ground leaving a trail for the rest of the group to follow.  There’ll be shouts of “on-on” from those at the front to let others know that they are on the right track. And if you aren’t keen on running, there are plenty of people who choose to walk, making it a great opportunity for everyone to come together as a community, get outdoors and have some fun. After completing the run it’s time for everybody’s favourite part – it’s customary to partake in a delicious meal of curry and brownies.

How did the tradition start? 

During 2012, the inaugural year of the College, our current Director of Estates, Mr Harry Harkins along with  Mr Tom Nicholson, the husband of the first Bursar, took part in some local ‘hashes’ which involved running through rubber plantations or jungle. Having enjoyed them so much and seeing it as a way to bring the boarding community together, they decided to introduce the idea to the pupils and the MCM Hash was born. Since MCUK had a Beagling Club, and working on the idea that participants run together as a pack,  it seemed a good way to describe the cross country run and keep a connection with out UK counterparts. 

The Beagle Hash is one of our special MCM traditions giving pupils the chance to work together as a team, see more of the local area and enjoy something unique that they will remember forever.  You can read more about last week’s Beagle Hash here.

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