Spotlight On: Art

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” These words from Albert Einstein highlight the significance of studying art as part of a well rounded education. Here at MCM, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity, imagination, and artistic abilities as a means of powerful self-expression. So, with the recent success of The Master’s Art Competition still fresh in our minds, let’s delve into how the College brings out the budding artist in all our pupils.


In the Prep School, the Art curriculum aims to engage pupils and give them a wide range of practical and theoretical skills. Currently, Year 3 pupils are learning about the traditional Malaysian Batik, while Year 6 pupils are designing and crafting their own traditional Chinese Kites in preparation for the Lunar New Year celebrations. But there are also plenty of opportunities for being creative outside the classroom too. Last term pupils worked with a visiting artist to create a fantastic mural, read more about it here, while this term Art Club will be initiating a new project to make and sell their handmade crafts for charity. Our Art Pengawas have been hard at work too and have planned some student lead art workshops for Prep pupils at lunch times.


Once pupils enter Shell, they are able to choose Art as an optional subject, increasing their lessons to five periods over two weeks and taking advantage of our spacious Art classrooms equipped with pottery wheels and photography equipment. Pupils are supported by our highly trained Art beaks to develop their practical artistic skills in preparation for either the GCSE Art or GCSE Photography course. For those who wish to take their artistic skills further, the two year IB Visual Art Course develops from teacher-directed projects to increasingly independent responses and the IB Exhibition is one of the highlights of the Lent term. Have a look here at a previous year to get an idea of the incredible work our students produce. Alongside this, the Art Department takes part in the  IN Exhibition which features work from over 16 international schools in Singapore. Keep an eye on the newsletter for more news about this soon.

And for those who don’t take Art as a subject, there are still ways to get creative, whether it’s making props and painting scenery for our productions, joining in with Art Club after school or entering one of our many Art competitions. This year, the Master’s Art Competition (watch the video here) enabled pupils across the whole College the chance to create something unique and have it exhibited at The Lodge . The outstanding effort and quality produced was a real testament to how much our pupils enjoy and value the chance to use their artistic skills. It’s obvious that imagination really will take you to new places – a quality that our pupils here at the College embrace whole-heartedly.

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