Master’s Art Competition Exhibition

On Thursday evening the Master’s Lodge was aglow with the MCM community as parents were invited to view the entries for the Master’s Art Competition. The first of its kind, the art competition was a chance for pupils across the College to enter and have their artwork displayed in the Master’s home for the year. 


The theme of this year’s competition was “Artistic Journey” and pupils worked hard to draw on their own personal, unique experiences to create an artwork that did the theme justice. With over sixty pupils participating, judging proved to be a formidable task, as each student dedicated themselves to creating an authentic and meaningful piece of art.


Head of Senior Art, Mrs Turner said  “ Our artists have undergone a personal journey of self-expression and artistic development. Each stroke, colour, and form tells a story of discovery that defines the journey of an artist. I have had the privilege of witnessing the evolution of these talented individuals and this exhibition is a testament to the transformative power of art education.”


On Thursday night, the eagerly awaited grand reveal unfolded, showcasing each art piece alongside the inspirations that propelled the pupils to craft their creations. The atmosphere was delightful, with the Senior School Jazz Band providing an enchanting backdrop, entertaining parents as they immersed themselves in the study of each painting.


Amidst the intense competition, the moment arrived when the curtain descended, and the Prep School victor was unveiled—congratulations to Rachel Lozano. Following suit, the Senior School winner, Leyan Alazzawi, was announced. Heartfelt congratulations extend to both winners, as well as to the pupils receiving highly commended accolades and all who participated in the competition. The remarkable depth of artistic talent showcased by MCM pupils is truly impressive, and we look forward to observing the evolution of each pupil as they discover and delve into what art means to them. 



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