House Netball and Rugby Tournament 2024

Over the past fortnight, pupils across the Prep and Senior school have eagerly participated in the House Rugby and Netball tournament. These competitions, held each season, provide pupils a platform to engage in friendly rivalry, showcasing their athletic abilities and refining their skills. 

Kicking off the tournament were the Year 7 – Shell Pupils,  who were undeterred by the unpredictable weather conditions. Despite the rain, the teams showcased renewed enthusiasm and determination, embracing the opportunity to enhance their skills and teamwork. The increased rainfall, far from being a pain, served as valuable practice, encouraging improved footwork and reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts within a team.


Following suit were the Year 5 – 6 Pupils, who demonstrated excellence in both Netball and Rugby. The Netball game offered a valuable experience for the girls, providing insights into the dynamics of a House competition while honing their skills and teamwork. For the boys in the House Rugby competition, this was a fantastic chance to learn and demonstrate sports etiquette, boosting the Prep team’s readiness for upcoming external fixtures and games throughout the year.

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