First day of Lent Term 2024

Earlier this week, Marlborough College Malaysia welcomed back pupils from their Christmas holidays. Despite the morning’s drizzle, the College grounds were filled with the infectious joy of pupils, arriving with ear-to-ear grins, thrilled to be reunited with their fellow classmates. 


The previous night saw the heartfelt welcome back of the boarders. Following a lively evening and indulging in some delightful poke bowls, the boarders settled in, ready to immerse themselves in the upcoming first day of term.


With the Michaelmas Term behind us, Marlborough College Malaysia now looks ahead to an action-packed Lent Term. A range of engaging activities, events, and excursions have been meticulously planned. From the adventurous Beagle Hash and the vibrant Lunar New Year festivities to the enriching MCM Shell Exchange and the adrenaline-pumping Japan Ski trip, the calendar is adorned with opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and exploration, promising an exciting and fulfilling term ahead.


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