Exceptional student gains Harvard University place

Elisa Yicen See has achieved an extraordinary milestone by being accepted into Harvard University, one of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions.

Elisa is thrilled to receive this opportunity to join the Harvard community. Expressing gratitude for the support received from Miss Moody, Mrs Jarrett, and Mrs Hughes at Marlborough College Malaysia, Elisa is eager to embark on this new chapter of her academic study. As a boarder in the Marlborough College Malaysia community her commitment to all parts of College life from the sports field to her Academic Scholarship, combined with a drive to contribute positively to the community, aligns seamlessly with Harvard University’s values.
“Concentrating in Government at Harvard will allow me to explore not just the theories I have been introduced to in my IB classes but current social movements, especially social media’s role in political activism, allowing me to develop the techniques I currently employ in NGO initiatives” said Elisa.

The Master of Marlborough College Malaysia, Mr Simon Burbury said, “The College is absolutely delighted to hear that Elisa has been offered a place at Harvard to study. She is an exceptional student who achieved a perfect score of 1600 out of 1600 in her recent Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT). Full marks are almost impossible to attain, with only a select few gaining the maximum number of points each year. Last year out of the 1.7 million students to take the test only 300 achieved full marks – that’s 0.0002%. Her result was outstanding.”

Elisa has achieved an incredible amount during her time at Marlborough College Malaysia and as well as taking on the role of Prefect, has taken every opportunity to extend her learning. This year she attended an awards ceremony in Oxford, UK, having been shortlisted for one of the top five Economics essays in the John Locke Essay competition – despite not formally studying economics.

As well as her academic pursuits, Elisa has dedicated her time to organising a range of outreach projects, including giving up every Sunday afternoon for a term to go into a local government school and deliver music lessons to children. She consistently contributes to a number of the College’s charitable events and fundraisers highlighting her humble, selfless and thoughtful nature.

It is wonderful that her outstanding academic excellence has been recognised and that she has an opportunity to join one of the top educational institutions in the US. Elisa is set to begin her academic journey at Harvard University in August 2024.


Image: Elisa teaching MUN to IDEAS academy, a refugee school, which was a central part of her Harvard application.

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