Beagle Hash Lent Term 2024

On Friday 12th January, Court was transformed into a hub of house spirit as pupils gathered for the inaugural Beagle Hash of 2024. This occasion held a special significance as, for the second time in Beagle Hash history, there were 220 taking part including a large contingent of day pupils.  The additional support was warmly embraced by boarders, offering them the chance to proudly showcase one of Marlborough College Malaysia’s cherished traditions.


The course was chartered, and with enthusiasm,  pupils and brave beaks embarked on a jog from Court, descending towards the plantation that borders MCM. The 5 km expedition had participants, both pupils and staff, weaving and winding through the terrain, exclaiming “on on”  to guide fellow runners. The recent rainfall added an extra layer of challenge, rendering the ground spongy and extra muddy – a sentiment any Beagle Hash enthusiast would attest to being half the enjoyment. 


Post trek, runners reconvened at Court for the time-honoured Beagle Hash curry night, featuring the much-anticipated brownies. This proved to be a delightful community event that both boarders and day pupils relished –  a fantastic opportunity to embrace the great Marlborough Spirit and Malaysian outdoors.


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