Year 1 Nativity 2023

The festive spirit is filling the College as we near the end of term with Year One performing their Christmas Nativity to fellow pupils, parents and beaks on Friday 7th December. It was a fantastic performance that retold the story of the birth of Jesus. 


The show commenced with Year 1 making a grand entrance through the audience, showcasing their incredible costumes. They then began by narrating the Nativity story explaining the journey Mary and Joseph made to the town of Bethlehem and the birth of baby Jesus. The story then unfolded to include the various visitors to the stable – from shepherds to wise men and their camels. The audience witnessed an encounter with King Herod along with the most gleaming, glittery star who helped lead the wise men to the stable. The cast did a great job, flawlessly singing and narrating the story perfectly while portraying their roles beautifully.


The end of the play saw the cast singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” with the audience enthusiastically joining in on the festive cheer. Congratulations to Year 1 for their outstanding performance and the effort they invested;  it’s clear to see that the children have worked hard to memorise their lines and routines have been well rehearsed.

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