The Great MCM Bake Off

On the evening of 7th December 2023, three pupil representatives from each house gathered in the Prep School Food Technology Laboratory to participate in the inaugural Great MCM Bake Off. The participants were provided with basic ingredients and were to bring three additional ingredients to create a batch of twelve cupcakes. 


The theme of the competition was ‘House Spirit’ and ‘Christmas Spirit’ for the House and Beak competitions respectively. There was a gamut of approaches and unique flavours including lemon curd filling, cinnamon apple, and classic vanilla. 


On the following day, the 8th of December, the judging panel, consisting of Dr Tomlinson, Miss Moody, and Mr Harkins meticulously assessed each entry based on taste, appearance, and representation of the House. Simultaneously, Senior Prefects Jasmine and Bryan judged the beak’s competition.


After much deliberation among the judges, Butler and Girl’s Boarding was decided as the joint winner of the House competition, and Miss Allen was the winner of the Beak competition. The Raising and Giving Society extends its heartiest congratulations to all the bakers of the Great MCM Bake Off 2023. 


The delectable cupcakes and festive treats were available for the bake sale during lunch, following the judging. The proceeds raised went towards charities supported by MCM. 


Emily Tang | Upper Sixth


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