Senior Houses Afternoon of Outreach

When you live a privileged life, it is easy to forget that Christmas is a time for giving, not receiving. However, on Friday the 8th of December, all of our Senior students spent an Afternoon of Outreach demonstrating that they understand the value of being generous with both their time and their talents.


Two Houses took on painting challenges. Gaia spent hours at the Children’s Clinic in Permai Hospital, painting an over 9-metre-long mural of butterflies and flora, designed by several students in House. Despite the heat and slightly cramped conditions, over 40 talented girls created something to truly be proud of, with one doctor commenting that they had done “very very well indeed” in their efforts to transform the space. The girls were clear that their goal “was to create a welcoming and uplifting environment for young patients” and, whilst serving others, they understood that “our collective effort could impact the lives of others, through creativity and empathy”. Not to be outdone by the girls, Thompson took on the challenge of painting not only the entire staff room at Sungai Melayu, the local school we support throughout the year, to show their appreciation for the efforts of all the teachers but, as if that wasn’t enough, they repainted three gazebos in the red and blue of the Malaysian flag too. They persevered through extremely hot weather and ended up feeling “it was really a very heartwarming experience” and their efforts had left the school looking more “alive and fresh”.


Artemis and Wallace chose to support our Christmas Shoebox efforts – a College tradition that sees hundreds of gifts given out to as many local charities as possible during the final week of term. They wrapped & packed boxes with military precision and designed Christmas cards to go to all the recipients, all the while listening to Christmas songs and truly enjoying “bringing joy to children who are less fortunate – since often these shoebox gifts are the only gift that they will receive this Christmas”. Apollo supported Outreach’s fundraising efforts as well, by wrapping, labelling and preparing Candy Cane gifts for distribution, making the boys “appreciative of the amazing things we have in life, the many experiences on offer and the incredible support we have available to us as part of this MCM community”.


Sheppard turned their attention to Barton Farm, one of our most unique school features, and used the, thankfully, storm-free afternoon to repair, refresh and replant – as a working farm needs a lot of care and attention to be successful. As one student commented, not only was he aching the next day but it made them all “thankful and appreciative” for those who work incredibly hard “to provide us with better soil for our plants and to ensure we live in a beautiful environment”.  At the same time, Atlas rolled up their sleeves and went out to the roads between the College and Sungai Melayu to join in with the Malaysian Tourism Board’s national efforts to reduce rubbish, with some litter pickers, rubber gloves and heavy duty bags. “We all had a great time contributing to the community and hope that it will inspire more people in the community to stop littering.”


And last, but by no means least, Butler combined Christmas giving with laughter and strengthening the links between different communities, hosting the orphans from the Rotary Children’s Home for a Christmas Party. They played dodgeball, Congkak and Batu Seremban (to name but a few), ate a feast of delicious food and finished by gifting every child with a personalised Christmas present complete with a handwritten note. The students felt that hosting a Christmas Party for “those who were significantly underprivileged relative to ourselves not only fostered a sense of gratitude but also a sense of community. The hard work we put in, when working collectively as a House, planning and leading activities or wrapping gifts led to a memorable and enriching experience on the day. We learnt the importance of compassion, appreciation and teamwork through the heartwarming and joyful smiles of the children we spent time with.”


We are incredibly proud of all of our students’ efforts, none of which would have been possible were it not for the incredible staff who helped to organise and run all of these activities, to ensure the students leave this term feeling grateful and recognising the value in generosity. As one student said afterwards, our hope is that “these small acts of kindness go a long way”.


Miss R Ngakane | Head of Senior Outreach and Senior Wellbeing

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