Roman Day 2023

On Thursday 23rd November. Year 4 arrived at the College dressed as miniature Ancient Romans. Dressed in headdresses, tunics and armour, they were truly ready for everything Roman Day had in store for them. Roman Day stands out as a real highlight for Year 4, transforming their Humanities subjects into an interactive day that brings Roman history to life. This immersive day encompasses a range of topics, including Roman infrastructure, art, the military, and more. 


The day started with learning about Roman engineering with the pupils looking at aqueducts, before creating their own aqueducts with newspapers and marbles and testing them out. Next, the class moved on to making mosaics and learning about the different styles the Romans used. Then they learned about chariots and the important role they played in the ancient empire. They then made scale models. Following this, Mr. Cassidy did a workshop on Roman dress and explained what each garment was used for and what uniforms the military would have used. 


After lunch, pupils met up in the shared area to test out the shields, swords and headpieces they had made. With help from the beaks, they formed several military defence positions. The favourite among pupils was the “turtle”. Then it was beaks vs pupils as they had gladiator training in the arena. 


Here’s what Year 4 had to say about the day:


“My favourite part of Roman Day was when we made Roman mosaics. I liked it because it was fun but hard, Mr. Rodman helped us a bit though”. – Matilda 


“My favourite thing was making different defence shapes because it was challenging. The activities we did were making helmets, mosaic art and making aqueducts. We were the first ones to finish the mosaic art. I found the helmets easy to make”. – Jaxon 


“I liked Roman Day and my favourite is learning about Roman positions such as the turtle. It was super fun! We made helmets and sword shields”. – Brayden  

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