Netball Straits 2023

On Saturday 2nd September, the MCM netball courts were home to the Netball Straits. The yearly tournament sees teams of various ages compete. A highlight across the netball calendar due to the atmosphere and incredible plays, this weekend did not disappoint. The competition was fierce with teams across Malaysia and Singapore playing, but MCM ladies held their own. It was a tense start to the tournament with weather warnings suggesting rain over the course of the day, however, the weather stayed dry and the teams played on.


The day was split into two sessions with the U11 and U13 teams playing in the morning and the U14, U15  and U18 teams playing in the afternoon. 


Both U11 teams played well on Saturday, with the U11A team coming first in the pools, they may their way to the semi-finals and eventually the final before admitting defeat. They walked away with silver medals and should be pleased with the flawless playing they executed. The U11B team also played well having a fantastic start with a win against the Centaurs coming third in the table and going on to place 7th in the plate competition.  The U13A team also shared the same spirit, playing with the determination that saw them take second place in the table and go on to finish the day as deserved tournament bronze medalists. The U13B team came on leads and bounds over the day, going on to play in the plate competition. They were sadly piped to the post but the experience was worth more than winning. 


In the afternoon, the older teams played, starting with the U15B who played well as a team and faced tough opponents over the afternoon. The U15 team remained calm and confident across the day and worked hard to secure a fourth-place victory. The U18A and U18B teams played incredibly well over the tournament, eventually meeting each other to compete. The first team went on to win first place and walked away with gold while the U18B team walked away with bronze. All in all, it was a tough competition and everyone brought their best.


Congratulations to every player who took part in the Netball Straits, they played with skill, resilience, and determination. Players came together over the love of Netball and played as a team. A special mention must go to the parents and fellow pupils who came and watched the girls play and supported them and offered encouragement. Another thank you must go to the coaches who give up their time to help guide the players and help them achieve their goals. Saturday was a great way to end the Michaelmas Term and it’s exciting to see what Netball fixtures await in the Lent term.

MCM Coaches Summary

U11A - Miss Hendle

U11A – Miss Hendle 

The U11A netball squad delivered a stellar performance at Saturday’s Netball Straits Tournament, showcasing excellent grit, focus, and remarkable teamwork throughout. The players demonstrated their commitment to training by executing flawless passing down the court, employing front-cut balls — a skill honed during practice to ensure the safe delivery of the ball to the shooters. The squad’s outstanding efforts in the pool stages earned them a well-deserved first-place finish, propelling them into the cup competition. Facing the second team from the opposite pool in the semi-final, the squad exhibited exceptional composure, resilience, and adaptability, especially in dealing with multiple changes due to injuries. The semi-final was an intense battle that extended into extra time, culminating in a golden goal and a triumphant victory. Despite the unexpected challenges, the squad approached the final with determination, going up against a formidable opponent, Anza. Although the final didn’t unfold as anticipated, with a tough first half resulting in five goals conceded, the team rallied in the second half, allowing only one goal. Despite falling short of the gold, I am immensely proud of the U11A netball squad for their unwavering teamwork, spirit, and the silver medal they secured in the cup competition. 

U11B - Miss Lowe

U11B  – Miss Lowe

What an excellent performance from all of the U11B netball team this weekend. They got off to a fantastic start claiming a win against Centaurs with some exceptional gameplay and outstanding shooting from Lora. The girls then fought hard and managed a commendable 3rd place in the table with 12 points, making it through to the plate and finishing a strong 7th place. The team showed grit, determination and excellent teamwork throughout the morning, with the player of the tournament going to Rosalie.

U12A - Mrs Patten

U12A – Mrs Patten 

MCM were consistent in the group stages and played with skill and determination to table 2nd in their group. Next up was a battle against a strong Anza team in the semi-finals, where MCM displayed impressive passing and shooting skills; however despite their best efforts, they were down by one goal when the final whistle blew, losing the game 6-7. Their last match of the morning was for third place against another strong Anza team – this time Anza Moons. Fired up by their narrow defeat in the previous match, the girls came to court hungry for victory. They demonstrated fantastic teamwork and resilience and at the end of the match, it was 6-6. They maximised the 6 minutes of extra time magnificently, with the final score 10-7 and MCM the deserved tournament bronze medalists.  

U13B - Miss Lyle

U13B – Miss Lyle

The U13 B team showcased skill and teamwork throughout the Straits Tournament, despite the strong competition they encountered from the other teams. Within our pool, we competed against Centaurs, Anza and Damai Jaya Dynamites. The girls showed they were up for the challenge and pushed through by encountering every match with a new mindset and goals to focus on. As the morning went on the girls started to come together and play with greater fluency and as a team. Onto the next round, the girls entered the Plate Competition with our final match coming up against Taman Selesa Jaya with a near win of 2-1. The girls kept their cool and played the game at their level and pace. A big well done to all those involved. Let’s keep developing as a team and take this experience as a step forward to grow together.

U15A - Miss Hendle

U15A – Miss Hendle 

The U15A netball squad delivered an impressive performance at Saturday’s Netball Straits Tournament, exhibiting a remarkable sense of calm and connectedness on the court. The passing down the court was nothing short of exceptional, reflecting the hard work put into pre-season netball training. Securing a commendable first-place finish in the pool stages, the team won two out of three games comfortably and collaborated effectively to secure victory in the third pool stage game against Anza. Throughout the pool stages, the team displayed a flawless execution of every centre pass, ensuring that each possession resulted in a goal. While facing turnovers, the squad quickly adapted, recognising the importance of taking an extra second to find open players before making a pass. The semi-final against Centaurs proved to be a closely contested match, resulting in a narrow loss by just one goal. Undeterred, the team faced Anza once again in a determined effort. Despite grappling with fatigue, the squad showcased unwavering commitment, fighting hard until the last second. Unfortunately, a one-goal deficit meant settling for fourth place. As a coach, I am immensely proud of the team’s strengths, particularly in passing down the court. Looking ahead, our focus in the upcoming weeks of training will centre on refining penalty execution and strengthening our zone defence. The squad’s resilience and teamwork are evident, and we are ready to build on these experiences as we continue to work towards our goals. 

U15B - Miss Rawlings

U15B – Miss Rawlings 

The U15Bs showed positivity and determination throughout the Straits tournament on Saturday. After their first 3 games, they fought their way through a tough Semi-Finals against Sunway to take the win 4-3. As a result, they made their way to the Plate finals where they were unfortunate in taking a 7-2 defeat. I am so proud of the teamwork and grit the children showed throughout and wish them all the success in their next tournament at FOBISIA. 

U18B - Miss Lyle

U18B – Miss Lyle 

Last weekend saw the 2nd VII netball squad playing in their first tournament of the year. They demonstrated their determination and positive mindset to secure 3rd place overall in the competition. The afternoon started off with matches in our pool against Sunway, UWCSEA and Centaurs. Winning 2 out of 3 of these games meant our team made it through to the next stage of the Cup Competition, where we met our very own MCM 1st VII team in the next round. Both teams played a very strong game, however, we fell short with a 3-10 loss. Nevertheless, the girls still had one more match to determine 3rd and 4th place. The girls kept their heads up and pulled through, winning against Epsom College. The commitment that the girls have shown, both in games sessions and in before and after school sessions, has created an environment for them to form relationships that allow them to unite and grow together both on and off the netball court. The girls showed clear communication, consistency and spirit throughout the tournament. I am so proud of you all and you are well deserving of your bronze medal!

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