House Maths Competition 2023

On Friday 23rd November, senior pupils gathered in the afternoon for the ultimate challenge, The House Maths Competition. The College’s best senior mathematicians gathered in the dining hall ready to compete. Teams of four from each House competed in three rounds: the Group Round, Crossnumber and Relay. 


In Round 1, the teams collaborated to solve ten maths problems within a strict time limit of 20 minutes. Round 2 introduced a cross-number challenge where teams were divided into pairs. Pair 1 tackled the across clues, while Pair 2 focused on the down clues. Communication between pairs was restricted, with the only interaction permitted through the staff member marking their answers. Each digit in the puzzle earned one point, emphasising precision. In Round 3, a fast-paced relay ensued. Teams split into pairs, and Pair 2 received their question only after Pair 1 successfully answered theirs. This relay format continued, with pairs passing on the next question instead of a physical baton.

The final results reflected the teams’ mathematical prowess:

1st place was secured by Sheppard with an impressive 141 points.

2nd place went to Butler with a commendable score of 136.

3rd place was claimed by Boys’ Boarding, showcasing their mathematical skills with a total of 118 points. The trophy will be awarded during assembly next week.


Thank you to all the participants, and a special thank you to the beaks and pupils who contributed to the organisation and execution of this excellent event.

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