FOBISIA Gymnastics 2023

The British School of Jakarta set the stage for an outstanding display of gymnastic prowess, where the MCM team clinched the prestigious title of FOBISIA Gymnastics Level 2 Senior CHAMPIONS with a score of 114.9. This marks the first time MCM has entered a team into this competition, and there was both excitement and trepidation about what to expect.

Selena showcased her skills on multiple apparatus, clinching an impressive 1st place on floor and bars and 3rd on beam, securing her spot as 1st in the all-around competition, which combines the scores on all apparatus. Her consistency and execution were evident, making her a standout performer.

The bar was set high, both literally and figuratively, as our gymnasts showcased their skills on this apparatus. Selena once again dominated, securing 1st place, while Emilia, Victoria, and Renn displayed exceptional performances with 2nd, 3rd, and 5th place finishes, respectively. Elizabeth demonstrated great control and power on the vault and was crowned vault champion, with Natalie close behind her finishing 4th. Miranda’s graceful routine earned her a notable 5th place on the floor, highlighting the diversity of talents within our team.

The MCM coaches are immensely proud of the girls’ dedication, hard work, and the collective achievement that led them to be crowned FOBISIA Gymnastics Level 2 Senior Champions. They would also like to extend their gratitude to the parents for their ongoing support.


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