Christmas Sixth Form Social 2023

The Christmas Social, hosted by the Marlburian Committee, not only fostered a festive spirit but also created an opportunity for the Sixth Form to relax and unwind. After rigorous and demanding weeks of mock examinations for the Lower Sixth and sporting events across the College, this social served as a jovial reminder for students of the college’s rich sense of unity. Spending time with friends across different years, singing, laughing, and eating, nourished and strengthened connections within our tight-knit community.


The students enjoyed Poke Bowls with turkey or teriyaki tofu. However, undoubtedly, the highlight of the evening was the warmth of hot chocolate overflowing with whipped cream and marshmallows, prompting many students to indulge in second servings. Following the delicious food, the evening erupted into singing and dancing to music performed by bands in the Sixth Form, in particular, a 6-minute-long Feliz Navidad! Adding on to this extraordinary yet unforgettable event, the appearance of Mr. Inskip as Santa Claus sparked laughter and amusement from the students as well as the staff. Ultimately, the Christmas Social was a remarkable and memorable way to commemorate the conclusion of a long but eventful term.
Panithraa – Lower Sixth

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