Boarders’ Christmas Supper

In the final week of the Michaelmas Term, the traditional Boarders’ Christmas Supper took place—an occasion for boarders to embrace the festive spirit before embarking on their Christmas break. Each year, the Graduate Assistants dedicate themselves to orchestrating the event, selecting a theme to set the tone for the night. This year’s theme drew inspiration from the Chronicles of Narnia.

As the boarders entered, they were greeted by a drinks reception and a wardrobe in place of the Dining Hall door. Passing through the wardrobe filled with an array of clothes, pupils found themselves amidst a wintry Narnian landscape, contending with falling snow. Seated at their designated spots, the boarders immersed themselves in the crafted atmosphere of the room. Foliage and portraits of Narnia’s characters adorned the walls, complemented by icy blue and white lights that created an ethereal ambience. It featured iconic elements like Mr Tumnus’ corner, the White Witch’s throne, and the lamppost where Lucy meets Mr Tumnus. From trees all around the room to lanterns on the tables, the setting provided a perfect backdrop for the boarders to revel in and reflect on the Michaelmas Term. Accompanied by the enchanting music played by Juliette and Eilidh on the violin, the audience was both soothed and entertained.

Following the starters, Artemis and Apollo engaged in a spirited singing competition. Their performances were marked by choreographed routines, creative use of props, and impeccable timing. After a delectable roast dinner, the singing competition continued with Gaia facing off against Atlas. The battle was intense, with Gaia delivering an improvised freestyle rap and Apollo orchestrating a captivating entrance and dance. The evening concluded with a delectable dessert featuring Turkish Delight and Sticky Toffee Pudding, and the results of the singing competition were announced revealing the talents of Apollo and Gaia. Under the guidance of Mr Leech and Mr Burbury, everyone gathered to sing the Twelve Days of Christmas. While it started slowly, the night reached a crescendo as everyone enthusiastically joined in.

Head of Boarding Mrs Jarrett brought the festivities to a close, bidding farewell and expressing gratitude to all the dedicated staff and beaks who tirelessly contribute to the boarding community throughout the year.

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