BISP Soccer 7’s Tournament 2023

Last weekend, six of our MCM football teams participated in the British International School of Phuket (BISP) Soccer 7’s tournament. MCM had teams across the O15, U15, and U13 categories for both boys and girls, showcasing commendable sportsmanship. The trip proved to be a resounding success, both pupils and coaches created enduring memories, whether it was their first time, or their second or third time competing in the tournament.

Of note was the substantial support from parents, unwaveringly on the sidelines despite the challenges posed by the blazing sun and tropical storms throughout the entire weekend. A special acknowledgement is reserved for the U15 boys’ team, whose outstanding performance earned them the plate in their category.


U18 Girls – Miss Lowe

Led by Captain Sophie, the U18 Girls had an impressive tournament, securing a win and surpassing last year’s performance within the first 24 minutes. Despite facing tough opponents, the team’s determination and grit led them to a commendable 5-8th cup place out of 17 teams. Throughout the weekend the girls showcased resilience, passion, and most importantly, a lot of enjoyment, setting the stage for the team’s anticipated success for BISP 2024!

End-of-Season Awards

Players’ Player – Hailey Marshall

Manager’s Player – Jasmine Wright and Cordelia Marshall


U18 Boys – Mr Harvey 

The U18 Boys team represented the values of the College in true spirit both on and off the pitch. In the group stage, a strong finish ensured recovering to third out of 16 knockout matches, a rip-roaring game of quality and an ever-changing scoreline finished 3-3 with a last-minute equaliser saving the MCM Cup ambition. A mammoth 28-kick penalty shoot-out ensued with each MCM pupil having to take not just one, but two penalties each. A controversial retaken penalty cost MCM the win in what became a 9-10 defeat and entrance into the Plate Quarter Finals. The emotional rollercoaster of the previous game, which took over an hour to complete, was a hurdle to many on a scorching day, with the tournament coming to an anti-climactic end to the eventual Plate winners. 

Despite this, I could not be prouder of the boys for their response to adversity, development in their footballing performance, and bravery to step up when it counted. They have been a joy to lead this season and have learned a great deal and experienced a lot more. A true coaching privilege. 

End-of-Season Awards

Players’ Player – Max Atwell

Manager’s Player – Alfie Tomlinson

Most Improved – Zach Thomas


U15 Girls – Mrs  Patten

The U15 Girls demonstrated grit and perseverance in the tough group round winning the last match against Alice Smith 2-0. Throughout the Cup, the girls fought hard against a very strong Bangkok Patana team – the eventual winners. The MCM girls had an excellent tournament with each squad member working hard in every game and showing a positive attitude.  

End-of-Season Awards

Players’ Player – Emily Baranyay

Manager’s Player – Poppy Inskip

Most Improved – Cecile Poignee


U15 Boys – Mr  Smith

The U15 Boys team demonstrated great levels of determination throughout the whole weekend. It was a rollercoaster of a journey with every match having its challenge, whether it was coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2, or winning the plate final in wet tropical conditions 1-0 with a squad of nine players. The boys portrayed what resilience looks like whilst maintaining the values of the College. Special recognition goes to award winners Mithrann Prasanna (Coach’s Player), Ananda Ganendra (Most Improved), and Ben Laycock (Players’ Player), whose contributions were pivotal to our success whether that be scoring significant goals, or making goal line blocks. This group has had a great year and I’m excited to see if they can go one step further next year!


U13 Girls – Miss Hendle

The U13 Girls team delivered a truly remarkable weekend of football, showcasing exceptional teamwork, unwavering resilience, and an impressive defensive prowess that allowed them to concede only one goal throughout the entire competition. Special recognition goes to award winners Elle, Olivia, and Victoria, whose contributions were pivotal to our success. This weekend served as a powerful testament to the strength we possess as a united team, showcasing our collective determination and skill on the field. 


U13 Boys – Mr  Skevington

The U13 Boys team had a solid tournament with two wins, two draws and two losses including a 3-1 loss to the eventual champions BISP scoring the only goal against them all tournament. The players of the tournament for the team were Lyon and Brian with Yug as the most improved player. The team have reflected on a couple of games that got away from them that would have led to a more favourable draw and this will help them with their football in the future. They have had a great year and move into the rugby season having achieved some brilliant results this year.


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