Year 3 India Day and Deepavali Celebrations at MCM

On Thursday, 9th November, the Wykeham Hall was ablaze with vibrant colours, luminous lights, and infectious energy as the College came together to celebrate Deepavali. Often referred to as the Festival of Lights, Deepavali is an eagerly anticipated occasion for pupils throughout the College. Over the course of the week, this colourful festival was celebrated in many different ways.


The youngest members of the College in Pre-Prep and Prep engaged in a lively Deepavali Assembly. During this event, several acts graced the stage, with performances from every year group and special guest performers from Ramdharshan Music Academy who came and performed a dance piece and drum performance. However, the day’s highlight was undoubtedly the spirited dance performance by our dedicated beaks, who joined forces to entertain the audience.


A Deepavali exhibition and Outreach sale were organised in the Prep Art Cafe. The activities included henna art, diya lamp crafting, and the creation of beautiful rangoli designs.  Thank you to Ms. Selvaraj for her invaluable contribution in facilitating these activities.


Another notable event during the week was India Day, which allowed the Year 3 pupils to dress in their finest attire and participate in a parade across the Pre-Prep grounds to mark this special occasion. They were treated to a delightful lunch at the Spice Kitchen, where they sampled traditional Indian cuisine. It was a wonderful day for our younger pupils to expand their knowledge of India and gain insight into the cultural celebrations observed in the country.

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