Year 3 India Day 2023

On Wednesday 8th November, Year 3 enjoyed a themed ‘India Day’ to link with their new geography topic.


The day started with Mrs Cassidy in character as an immigration officer. The children enjoyed being playfully interrogated by her before having their special passports stamped allowing them to enter Year 3 India. After registration, the pupils paraded through Pre-Prep and Year 3 dazzled the younger years in their colourful and bejewelled outfits. 


Next, pupils learnt about the significance of elephants in India and decorated their own card elephants using paints, sequins and other craft materials. After break, it was time for the highlight of the day – a lunchtime visit to local Indian restaurant, Spice Grill. At the restaurant, the pupils helped the bar staff to make mango lassi and equally enjoyed tasting their creations. They were entertained by the fantastic flames in the kitchen as the curries were being made and tucked into a variety of flavours during the Indian lunchtime feast. At the end of the trip, the restaurant very kindly gifted each child with a Spice Grill apron so we expect to hear about the cooking antics of these budding chefs! 


It was a great day and a fantastic beginning to the new geography topic of India. This day took place during the Prep School’s week of Deepavali celebrations too, so the Year 3 pupils have been well and truly immersed in Indian culture and are looking forward to learning more about India’s geography this term. 

Here are a few comments about India Day from our Year 3 pupils:


“I enjoyed making mango lassi at Spice Grill because it was really fun. The food was delicious.”


“I liked the part where we did different Deepavali activities. It was my favourite part because we played with sand.”


“I really enjoyed eating at Spice Grill. My favourite dish was paneer. It was just like my mum’s.”


“I really enjoyed doing the parade through Pre-Prep.”


“I enjoyed all the activities and going to Spice Grill. I loved India Day.”

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