UKMT Senior Maths Challenge 2023

Over 40 students entered the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge this October, almost doubling the participation from last year. We are pleased to see so many students wanting to challenge themselves mathematically.

Because of the difficulty of the UKMT Maths Challenge, more students does not necessarily result in more Gold awards. Six students achieved the Gold Certificate this year compared to seven in 2022. Eight students achieved a Silver certificate with the majority achieving Bronze.

Particular congratulations to the Gold students: Best in School award goes to Elisa See this year with a remarkable 100 points. This was 13 points higher than the best of school last year. Roy continues his success with an outstanding 95 points. He achieved best in Hundred last year and now is top scorer in Lower Sixth. Can he exceed Elisa’s 100 points next year? Weihua achieved Best in Hundred, with 84 points. The three remaining Gold students, with excellent scores, were Jolie, Sissi and Anny.

A UKMT Gold award is a remarkable achievement and will look good on any university application, especially in the UK where this competition is well known.

The Senior Maths Challenge is aimed primarily at Upper and Lower Sixth Form students. However, this year we are able to run the Intermediate Maths Challenge which we will offer to our Set 1 Shell students as well and anyone in Remove or Hundred. This will take place on Thursday 1st February. If your child wants to practise UKMT past papers then they are free to download from this link.

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