Sixth Form | Wellbeing Workshops

On Friday, 10th November, Sixth Form students engaged in a range of dedicated Wellbeing sessions tailored to equip them with essential skills needed for university and beyond. The focus was on practical tasks around the home including basic cooking, laundry, personal hygiene and home maintenance.


The afternoon started with students splitting off into their groups with each group tackling a different area in the home. Each group will eventually take part in all of the workshops over the coming weeks. The first group started with a visit to Mr. Harkins’ house, where they delved into understanding household management. From understanding the workings of a washing machine and tumble dryer to learning about detergents, and softeners, students gained valuable insights into the proper maintenance of these appliances.


Next, pupils were faced with a blocked sink scenario in the kitchen, prompting discussions on troubleshooting methods. Mr. Harkins provided a comprehensive tour of the plumbing system, empowering pupils to dismantle and rectify the blockage. The group then learnt about simple plumbing procedures to maintain a toilet as well as how to prepare their home for adverse weather conditions both in the UK and in diverse climates such as those in America or Australia. Under Mr. Donnelly’s guidance, the students also disassembled basic appliances like an iron and a lamp to replace fuses. They familiarised themselves with the electric switchboard and were taught the functionality of each switch learning how to navigate power outages or blackouts.


Meanwhile, another group in the Food Technology Kitchen worked on their cooking skills. Students collaborated in pairs to prepare simple, cost-effective, and nutritionally balanced meals using eggs. After receiving their recipes, the Sixth Form students got to work chopping, baking and frying to produce their dishes which included egg fried rice, rainbow fried eggs and pancakes. Everyone worked together well and enjoyed sampling their dishes at the end of the session. 


Equipped with these foundational life skills, we are confident that these Sixth Form students, regardless of their chosen university, will be better prepared for independent living.

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