Rotary Orphanage Visit MT2023

On Sunday, 5th November 2023, Marlborough College Malaysia opened its doors to a group of children from Rotary Children Orphanage. The visitors had a wonderful day filled with laughter, activities, and new experiences. 


The day kicked off at 1.30 pm as the children arrived at MCM and were warmly welcomed by volunteers in the Dining Hall. A delicious lunch awaited them before they were grouped and ushered into the various activities planned for the day.


One of the highlights was the opportunity for the children to try rock climbing using the school’s indoor climbing wall. From beginners to the more athletic, everyone had a chance to challenge themselves on the different routes available. Laughter and cheers echoed as the children conquered the climbing wall, creating a sense of achievement and teamwork. In the Food Technology Kitchen, volunteers guided the children in a baking adventure, creating rocky roads by following a simple recipe. The process was not without its share of fun, as more ingredients found their way into the eager mouths of the budding “chefs” than into the baking tins. Despite the culinary chaos, the end result was a tasty treat enjoyed by all during an afternoon movie session.


The Senior Sports Hall buzzed with energy as volunteers and children engaged in friendly matches of basketball and badminton. Surprising skills were unveiled, and the spirit of sportsmanship shone brightly throughout the matches. This segment provided physical activity and fostered camaraderie among the participants. Next, the group moved indoors for an enjoyable movie session featuring a film favourite ‘Madagascar’. The day concluded at 5.30 pm as the children from the orphanage departed MCM with smiles and cherished memories.


The success of this heartwarming event was made possible by the dedication and planning of L6 students Joseph, Oscar, Oliver, and Claudia, who initiated and organised the day. Additional thanks go to U6 students Yi Xuan and Dasha, who joined later in the planning process. Thank you to the students who volunteered their time, contributing to the success of the activities while prioritising the safety and enjoyment of the visiting children. 

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