Nations Day 2023

The first half of Michaelmas term 2023 concluded with a vibrant celebration for Nations Day 2023. It is a day that serves as a tribute to the rich heritage, culture, and culinary delights of the world, reflecting the diverse nationalities that make up the Marlborough College Malaysia community.

The morning commenced in a kaleidoscope of colours, enthusiasm and music, as both pupils and beaks adorned themselves in the traditional attire or the colours of their respective nations. Kimonos, hanfu, kilts, and lederhosen were among the diverse costumes showcased in the procession that travelled from the Prep School, up the mile to Court. Flags from forty-six nations waved proudly, each with its own supporting pupils.

Gathering at Court, pupils congregated around their national flags to listen to the Master’s address. Mr Burbury spoke of our community as a truly globalised College, and how important it was to learn from one another’s culture and history. The Senior Prefects, Brian and Jasmine, shared their personal journeys at MCM, emphasising that while we all came from different communities, here we are judged on our characters, not our backgrounds. The pupils gathered to sing “World in Union,” led by Senior choir members Janice, Mavis, and Evie.

The parade then proceeded to the Senior Sports Hall for a concert showcasing historic dances, traditional instruments, and even bagpipes. The festivities culminated with a spectacular Japanese dance, martial arts displays, and even some daring somersaults, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

Following this eventful morning, pupils returned to their classrooms, taking turns to explore the International Food Fair set up by parents in the Prep Sports Hall. This gathering featured traditional dishes, activities, and informative displays from various countries. Each pupil received a ‘passport,’ granting them the opportunity to visit seven countries and savour their culinary offerings. It was a fantastic way to end the first half term and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

A heartfelt thank you is extended to all who made this day truly wonderful.


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