Lectern Club ‘Honesty is the best policy’

On Wednesday evening, 11th of October, the Master and Mrs Burbury hosted the first Lectern Club of the academic year, centred around the theme ‘Honesty is the best policy’. What made this occasion even more exciting was the presence of the Lower Sixth newcomers, who had just transitioned from Hundred (Year 11). As these speakers were new to the Lectern, their visit to the Master’s Lodge was a novel yet awe-inspiring experience for all attendees. Nonetheless, they were still able to present their speeches with the utmost confidence, and delved deeply into the various dimensions of the theme, offering insightful ideas of how honesty influences personal character and societal harmony. 


The evening started with Zarif’s compelling speech titled ‘Honesty & The Truth’, in which he argued that integrity is more important than honesty. He emphasised that honesty should not be relegated to rigid rules that people follow, rather it is a virtue that should come from within ourselves. Zarif’s great confidence and fluency while delivering his speech not only captured the audience’s attention but also maintained their engagement until the closing of his speech.


Next, Eileen stepped up to the Lectern with her speech – ‘The Inner Conflict’. Eileen took a different approach to the theme by exploring the honesty within one’s self. She further explained the notion of internal honesty in the different aspects of life, including dealing with inner conflicts, decision-making, relationship boundaries, and seizing opportunities. Eileen engaged the audience with her well-structured speech tinged with humour, which urged us to recognise the transformative power of honesty within. 


Kazuhide concluded the short speeches of the evening with his impactful presentation entitled ‘A Secret to Keep Going’. Kaz commenced his speech with a compelling and distinctive introduction that immediately engaged the audience, setting the stage for his central theme. Throughout his speech, Kaz conveyed the idea that honesty is a fundamental aspect of being human and further emphasised the significance of honesty which acts as a guiding principle for both academic success and personal growth.


Following a delectable main course, Roy kicked off the long speeches of the evening with his presentation, entitled ‘Truth is Easy’. In his speech, Roy argued that the most important thing in life is trust, and honesty serves as the simplest and most effective way to earn trust. The powerful delivery of his speech left a lasting and thought-provoking impression on the audience. 


The following long speech was given by Sophie. She talked about prosocial lying and white lies, which can be ways to utilise empathy and alleviate suffering. In her address, Sophie delved into her point offering a multifaceted exploration supported by charming personal anecdotes. Sophie further challenged the audience by asking, “is it right to prioritise truth over people’s feelings?” Sophie’s presentation underscores the idea that there is no universal, one-size-fits-all approach in this matter. 


Juliette wrapped up the evening with her long speech entitled ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’. Her speech thoughtfully explored the importance of honesty in various aspects of life, on an economic, political and personal level. Juliette also emphasised that honesty should be balanced with empathy, kindness, and consideration of the impact of one’s words and actions.


Following the conclusion of the long speeches, a tasty dessert was served. The room buzzed with anticipation and nervousness as our three guest judges engaged in a prolonged and intense discussion with the Master and Mr Jarrett about the winners. It was no small feat, as each speaker from the first batch of Lower Sixths had done equally well and showcased remarkable bravery by stepping up to the Lectern. 


After providing feedback for each participant, the winners were announced. Zarif was the winner for the short speech and Sophie was the winner for the long speech category. 


It was great honour to be the guest judges and we offer our most sincere congratulations to both winners. 


Written by Ivy, Prue and Elisa (Guest Judges)

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