IB Theatre Performance 2023

On Thursday, 9th November, parents, beaks, and pupils gathered in the theatre to witness the Sixth Form Showcase. The evening provided students on the IB Theatre course an opportunity to display their talents, presenting to a live audience the culmination of their collaborative efforts for their IB coursework.


The Showcase featured two compelling performances: “The Nutcrackers” by Ammar, Jonas, and Zach, and “Made in_” by Janika, Jasiel, Jenay, and Olivia. “The Nutcrackers” delved into the impact of social media in catalysing toxic masculinity among the younger generations, while  “Made in_” explored the complexities of covert racism and their profound effects.


Both groups delivered stellar performances, meticulously preparing the script, stage movements, and central themes. “The Nutcrackers” drew inspiration from the boys’ reflections on Andrew Tate, examining his sudden fame and the associated expectations that are placed on young men. On the other hand, “Made in_” evolved into a narrative, reflecting the experiences of the girls’ friends and female family members as it addressed themes of race, skin colour, and societal expectations of pale skin in Asia. These groups fearlessly embraced challenging subjects, creating a production that was both courageous and emotionally impactful.



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