Hundred IGCSE Performance 2023

Early this month, the theatre came to life, bearing witness to the remarkable production of “A Hysterical Historical Hundred IGCSE Devised Showcase”. The evening was a chance for Hundred IGCSE Drama pupils to present their devised work and give the audience a taste of some of the pieces they had been rehearsing. 


Guided by the framework of ‘A Hysterical Historical,’ the pupils embarked on a creative journey, brainstorming and shaping ideas that brought historical faces to light in a lively and engaging manner. This marked the culmination of their IGCSE Drama coursework, and each pupil demonstrated unwavering dedication and creativity throughout the devising process.


The evening showcased diverse groups of pupils gracing the stage with their own production names including The Singapore Slasher, God Talk, The Made Up, (Totally Not True) Tale of King Arthur, What If?, and Henry’s Wives. 


Heartfelt congratulations go to all the pupils who, with confidence and skill, took to the stage, delivering performances that were not only witty and well-rehearsed but also showcased innovative and unconventional thinking.

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