House Chess Competition 2023

The MCM House Chess Competition held on Friday was a thrilling display of strategic prowess and sportsmanship. The teams displayed exemplary dedication and determination, making it an exciting event for all participants and spectators.

Sheppard emerged as the champions, securing a remarkable 18 points. Their performance was truly commendable, showcasing their strong grasp of chess tactics and teamwork. Their consistent success in various matches throughout the competition was a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Atlas, with 11 points, secured the second position. They displayed excellent sportsmanship and demonstrated their commitment to improving their chess skills. Thompson and Wallace both earned 9 points, showcasing their competitiveness and skill level.

Butler and Gaia also participated with enthusiasm, earning 6 and 5 points, respectively. Their participation was a valuable contribution to the  spirit of the competition.

Overall, the school chess competition was a resounding success, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants and promoting the intellectual and strategic aspects of chess. Congratulations to Sheppard for their outstanding performance, and kudos to all the teams for their dedication and passion for the game. We look forward to future chess competitions and more exciting matches

Mr Wicling, Mr Inskip and Ms Southall were greatly impressed by every team’s excellent can-do attitude.

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