Halloween at MCM

There were plenty of fun and games last week at the College as pupils took part in their own Halloween entertainment. Pupils in Artemis transformed their boarding house into a spooky space as they threw the ultimate Halloween party and were joined by the boarders in Apollo.

Red and green lightning and Halloween decorations gave an eerie atmosphere creating the perfect backdrop for the party. Pupils dressed up in their finest fancy dress, complete with face paint and played word games and Bingo with a Halloween twist. The finishing touch was a photo booth complete with spooky props for pupils to commemorate the evening. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed some spooky treats with Poke bowls, brownies and meringues on the menu.

Gaia and Atlas House were also decorated for the evening, just in time for a round of trick-or-treating from all of the boarding pupils. Trick-or-treaters had lots of fun going from boarding house to boarding house, visiting the other beaks on campus before calling on the Master at The Lodge.

The Sixth Form took the chance to don their spooky (and amusing!) fancy dress as they enjoyed their own Social, organised by the Sixth Form Marlburian Committee. The Green Hall was adorned with Halloween decorations and attendees were greeted by a dark hall full of smoke. There were screams of surprise when a Committee member burst out of a mysterious black coffin-like box placed in the centre of the room, giving everyone a fright. Next up, was a fashion show of all the costumes including: a giant frog, anime characters, a gang of pirates, and even Batman and The Joker.

The College Catering Department provided incredible biscuits in the shape of fingers and wonderfully cute meringue ghosts. On top of this the Sixth Form were treated to some stunning music from two very talented sixth form bands. The night finished with prizes for the best dressed. The prize for ‘best duo’ went to two girls, one dressed as Vincent Van Gogh and the other dressed as one of his paintings! It was an excellent spooky night of fun, enjoyed by all.

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