Fobisia Netball 2023

Last weekend, Marlborough College Malaysia’s Netball First VII gave a fantastic performance at the FOBISIA Netball Competition in KL taking home the bronze medal.


The team woke up bright and early at 6am on the first day, all fueled for their first game against Tanglin Trust’s A team. As we expected, it was a tough match, ending in a 6-18 loss for MCM. However, we kept our heads up and went on to a five game-winning streak. Amongst the five games, we played a standout match against TTS ‘B’, with a final score of 16-5, allowing us to secure our place in the cup competition. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the endless supply of gummies, electrolytes and Jazzy’s cookies, which provided a much-needed energy boost throughout the day. 


That night, our hard work was rewarded with a fancy Gala dinner, themed “A Night at the Movies”. The team attended wearing matching black dresses and memories were captured at a photo booth during the evening, which we all enjoyed very much. 


On day two, we walked onto the netball court with confidence. The wins on day one meant that we met Dulwich College in the semi-finals. Both Jazzy and Sara took a hard fall during the game, which created emotions of frustration. Unfortunately, after a hard fight, this game ended with a loss, leaving us battered and defeated. However, after a much-needed team lunch, the Captains managed to bring the team together again and boost the team spirit in preparation for our final match for third and fourth place against Alice Smith School. There was no doubt that the pressure was on but the team was determined to bring home the victory.


At the start of the match, Alice Smith School were a steady 4 goals ahead. But nerves got the better of them, and mistakes meant that they were playing a goal-for-goal game. In the last few minutes, something went into our Goal Attack’s eye (Lixuan) and positions had to be changed around which was extremely nerve-racking. Fortunately, Sara and Elisa stepped up. The girls fought hard to maintain the score in the last 20 seconds, which was nail-biting, to say the least. 


The team is proud to say that they managed to pull through, winning against Alice Smith School with a final score of 9-8, placing third overall in the 2023 FOBISIA Netball Competition. Jazzy was awarded MVP (Most Valuable Player). 


The girls would like to say a massive thank you to all the coaches for their endless support and guidance.


Jasmine & Sara 


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