Bonfire Night 2023

On Saturday 4th November, the Marlborough College Malaysia community got together to enjoy the annual bonfire night. The night is a chance for boarding pupils, beaks and families to join together and enjoy an evening of open-air dining and  a roaring bonfire. 


Bonfire night or “Guy Fawkes Night” is a cherished tradition held on the 5th of November every year, with its origins dating back to 1605. The night commemorates the thwarting of the Gunpowder plot and has evolved over time into a festive event in the United Kingdom, involving bonfires, fireworks and entertainment. Here at Marlborough College Malaysia, bonfire night is an evening in which we honour our British heritage while viewing it from an international perspective. 


This year’s bonfire night did not disappoint as the MCM community first enjoyed a sumptuous barbecue. Then as soon as darkness descended upon the campus our dedicated estates team set the bonfire alight. Pupils,  beaks and their families spent the rest of the evening chatting away, enjoying each other’s company against the backdrop of the dying embers.

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