Boarding House Colour Run 2023

Boarding houses Artemis and Apollo had a busy and exciting week as they took part in their own Colour Run, as well as designing rangolis and enjoying some Deepavali activities. There have been a whole range of activities taking place across the College recently to celebrate the special time that is Deepavali with a musical concert, art exhibition and India Day in Year 3. 


As part of the celebrations, on Thursday 9th November, the College was transformed into a running track that saw boarders getting covered with pink, purple, green, orange and yellow powder as they completed the Colour Run. It certainly allowed everyone to celebrate the bright colours of Deepavali. It was also a chance to let off steam and was the perfect opportunity for our boarders to get together and enjoy some fun. 


At the end of the race, the runners were rewarded with an exhilarating slip and slide which allowed everyone to wash off some of the coloured powder and was the perfect cool down after the Colour Run.

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