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The Friends of MCM (FoMCM) are an integral part of life here at the College. The group allows our parent community to connect as well as helping to run College events throughout the year. FoMCM Chair, Mr Justin Regan speaks about the group’s plans for this term. 


Justin, how long have you been involved with FoMCM?


My daughter started in Year 2 when MCM first opened in 2012 so we are a founding family. FoMCM officially formed in the second year and I became the Treasurer and then Chair the following year. After three years, I stepped down for a while but was still heavily involved in the group and helping to run events. After the pandemic, I took up the position of Chair once again so this is my second stint!


What kind of things does FoMCM do?


FoMCM is about bringing the community together. Being an international school, a lot of people arrive and don’t know anyone here, so it’s about helping parents get to know each other, helping to run College events and also about having some fun. We have a group of Ambassadors who are all volunteers and help to organise our events as well as being a point of contact for new parents. 

Alongside this we also raise money, all of which gets reinvested back into the College. In the past we have used this money to provide nice extras like bikes, establishing Barton Farm and equipment for the lake. These are all things which add to the experience the pupils have when they come to MCM.


What events are the FoMCM currently working on?


Our next big event will be Nations Day on 19th October. Parent volunteers will create a Nation Table for their home country and decorate this with flags, memorabilia, or national teams and colours. We also provide some bite size samples of a national dish for the children to try. There’s still time for anyone wishing to help with this so just get in touch.

After that, we have our biggest event of the year which is the Christmas Fair on 3rd December. It’s always an incredible day that the whole MCM community enjoys. It’s probably the most labour intensive event we do as we run lots of Christmas stalls with games and activities so we are always looking for parent volunteers to help out on the day. Volunteers only need to give an hour of their time, then they are free to enjoy the Fair. It is really easy too as all the instructions are written down and our Ambassadors will be on hand to offer support throughout the day. 


What are the benefits of joining FoMCM? 


FoMCM has always been about creating a welcoming community for everyone. For parents it’s a great way to get to know other people and take advantage of all that MCM has to offer. There’s no requirement to commit a certain amount of time if you don’t want to, just come along and help out where you can. And there’s no need to worry about your English speaking skills, we have our Ambassadors who can support you.  Overall our aim at FoMCM is to encourage everyone to be part of this community and enjoy the full MCM experience.  

To find out more about the Friends of MCM or to volunteer at one of our events contact us through our webpage here.  Or scan the QR code to join our Whatsapp group.


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