Senior Art Trip | Aw Pottery Studio

On 12th October, the Hundred and Sixth Form Art students had the privilege of visiting Aw Pottery Studio in Johor. Upon arrival, we explored the reflective garden and learned about the techniques and processes used to build the various ceramics in the studio. We then had the opportunity to learn ceramic techniques from Masters who guided us through the process. Hundred pupils created sculptures whilst Sixth Form students threw pots on the wheel. After a delicious lunch, students explored the museum, featuring a dragon kiln from the 1950s. We ended the trip by exploring the gift shop and admiring the dozens of well-crafted pots. Overall, Aw Pottery studio felt like its own little world, filled with whimsical sculptures and manned by a team of enthusiastic and skillful staff, who passed their knowledge onto us. 


Written by Zeynep and Chiara (Upper Sixth)



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